Miles Harvey's "We Are All Travel Writers, We Are All Blind"

Big Shoulders Books' own Miles Harvey recently published "We Are All Travel Writers, We Are All Blind: What Essayists in the Information Age can Learn From the 19th Century Philosopher William James" in Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies

The essay discusses notions of privilege that accompany any writer's project to capture the voices of people which are less represented than their own. Harvey suggests there are two notions of privledge one, "asscoiated with entitlement, advantage, authority, even immunity," and another "associated with respect and difference" when encountering another person or culture. 

It is the recognition of these two types of privilege that Harvey used to guide the composition of How Long Will I Cry: Voices of Youth Violence. A work that respects the differences of class, race, and gender of those involved and acknowledges each, "individual's intelligence, spirit, dignity and humanity."

You can find the entire article here.