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The editors ask that you donate money—or your time—to organizations fighting youth violence in Chicago and across the country. Please let us know how you're making a difference. Then pass the book along to someone else (for free, of course), so that he or she can give. It adds up.

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What people are saying

“A stunning, stay-with-you-forever new book [that will] alter the ways in which you think. I guarantee that after you read this book, the next murder that screams across the headlines and television news will affect you more deeply than ever before. … How Long Will I Cry?: Voices of Youth Violence now joins my Best Books I’ve Ever Read list.”

—Rick Kogan, WGN radio host, from a review in Printers Row 

What people are saying about the theatrical Version of How Long Will I Cry?  produced at the Steppenwolf Theatre in 2013.

“Intense. … Aims to raise the consciousness of Chicagoans of all stripes.” The Chicago Tribune

“Thought-provoking and powerful.” The Daily Herald

“True stories that put sharply drawn faces to the catastrophe that’s overtaken whole city neighborhoods.” The Chicago Reader

“Powerful.” Windy City Times

“Tales of heartbreak, irony and tragedy.” The Detroit Free Press

“Puts the audience in the heat of Chicago’s youth violence.”

“Honest and affecting.” Time Out Chicago

“May be the most important play of the year.” The Chicagoist