An assemblage of writings by the students of 826CHI.

Published once every two years at 826CHI, The Compendium is an anthology of writing across 826CHI programs– Field Trips, In-School Projects, Workshops, After-School Tutoring & Writing, and Publications. This book includes a selection of 826CHI’s strongest writing and embodies the creative, project-based mission of inspiring students to become confident writers.

A collaboration between 826CHI and Big Shoulders Books, this fourth volume is arranged as an atlas, inspiring readers and writers alike to explore every place they can. The Compendium: Volume IV encompasses journeys in outer space, foreign countries (made-up or otherwise), the future, the past, our great city and our extraordinary young writers.

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The young writers whose stories and poems you’ll find in this paper-and-ink magician’s cape have minds filled with marvelous places, people, and things, with Martians and grandmotherly dinosaurs, with UFOs and jungle birds and underwater science labs.
— Christine Sneed